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Buckled Wheel Repairs

Potholes are a constant problem with many roads in North Lancashire and South Cumbria. If you have damaged an alloy wheel in a pothole, there’s a good chance we can repair it for you with our specialist equipment. Have us look at your damaged wheel before you rush off to buy a replacement wheel.


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Attention: Buckled wheels are repaired at customer’s own risk. Very occasionally there is a hairline crack in the buckle that will only become apparent during the repair.



Wheel Dipping and Stripping

We can now remove stubborn old paint and powder coating from badly corroded wheels with our acid dipping process. Complete removal of all coatings on the wheels allows corroded areas to then be tackled thoroughly. Once the wheel is prepared for painting it is given a good coating of a quality acid etch primer, then either a wet-on-wet primer or filler primer, followed by a paint colour of your choice and then finished off with several coats of lacquer to give a durable finish. The dipping and stripping process can only be undertaken at our Kirkby Lonsdale workshop.



Leaking Air Problems?

Are your tyres constantly losing pressure – even when you have fitted new tyres? Chances are, corroding bubbling paint around the inside of the wheel rims and/or the valve is causing the loss of air. This is a problem that should be fixed as soon as possible because incorrect tyre

pressures can:


  • Be unsafe, especially at speed
    Result in higher fuel consumption
    Cause premature tyre wear


We can usually repair the problem by taking the tyres off the affected wheels and dealing with the corrosion and peeling paint on the inside of the rims.




We have sandblasting facilities at our workshop in Kirkby Lonsdale to deal with badly corroded wheels. In addition to sandblasting alloy wheels, we can sandblast other items (up to maximum dimensions of 65cm wide x 40cm high x 35 cm deep) and they don’t necessarily have to be items from vehicles!



Bumper Scuffs, Car Scratches & Scrapes

We can do repairs to bumper scuffs and scrapes at our Kirkby Lonsdale workshop. We have a full tinter paint kit which means we can make up the colour to match your car on the day we repair it.



Our Kirkby Lonsdale Workshop

Customers who live nearby are welcome to drop off their vehicles for repair at our workshop before going to work.

If you have just 1 or 2 wheels to repair, why not bring your car to us at our workshop? We will be happy to drop you off in nearby Kirkby Lonsdale – a delightful market town with numerous cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops. There’s the famous “Devil’s Bridge” in Kirkby Lonsdale, a beautiful spot to enjoy a picnic in the warmer weather. There is plenty to see and do in Kirkby Lonsdale in the couple of hours we might take to repair your wheels.


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