Helpful advice before returning your lease car or selling your vehicle

When you return a lease car, your lease company will carry out an inspection to assess for any wear and damage for which you might be charged. To avoid and minimise these charges we recommend that you undertake your own inspection of your vehicle a few weeks before it is due to be returned, to identify possible problem areas so that you can get them fixed before the final return.

You should carefully check the relevant section of your lease agreement to check for details of the inspection process. Many agreements will indicate what is and what is not acceptable (e.g. the length of certain scratches may be specified or areas such as stone chip damage may be allowed for). If in doubt, a phone call to the lease company might help alleviate some concerns you have.


Most lease companies will require you to return the car in a clean condition inside and out….returning the car dirty in the hope that some problem areas are not noticed will come back to you by way of unexpected charges. After all, many lease companies send the cars to auction after being returned and they will not send them to the auction dirty!


It might be useful to get a friend to give you a second opinion on what they think of the condition of the car and point out some areas you might have missed.


We can also help you with the returns process as we not only do alloy wheel repairs, we can also repair bumper scuffs, do a full external valet (including machine polishing if necessary which will help remove minor scrapes/blemishes to the paint work) and also a full internal valet if required….especially if the family pet has left you dealing with a hairy interior and drool marks on the windows/seats!


If you live within a reasonable distance of Kirkby Lonsdale, bring your car along to our workshop for a free (and no obligation) quote for any repairs that you think might need undertaking.



Want to add value to your car before you sell it?

Want to add value to your car before you sell it? Tired, scruffy and kerbed wheels and bumper scuffs and scrapes can greatly let down the overall appearance of your car. Our general advice is if you are looking to sell your car for more than £4,000, the cost of wheel refurbishment and/or bumper repairs can be recovered by up to 3 times what you spend. So, spending £240 + VAT on having 4 wheels refurbished could add well over £600 to the overall value of the car.


Would you want to buy a second hand car with bumper scuffs and scrapes? Probably not. With prices starting at around £120 + VAT for a bumper corner professionally repaired (not a ‘quick flick of paint’), it could be money well spent. As with everything in the vehicle repair business, you get what you pay for. The cheapest quote is not always the best as repairers who offer rock bottom prices will have to cut corners (i.e. reduce the quality of the job by rushing and using cheap materials to repair your car). A buyer of your car will notice a bad repair as much as a bumper scuff….


It’s amazing what a professional full valet will do for a car’s value. We have the equipment and materials to undertake an intense valet of your car’s exterior and interior. Sometimes we have done such a good job that people decided to actually not sell their car as they didn’t realise how good it could actually look after a professional clean!


We can help you add value to your car, especially when you are selling privately. Call us for a no-obligation quote.